Where is The BetterGuard made?

The BetterGuard is designed in Germany and manufactured within the EU. The built-in mini piston is produced at our location in Germany.

When should I not use The BetterGuard?

The product MUST NOT be used in the presence of any of the following: › Anatomical conditions that prevent correct application of the bandage › Lymphatic drainage disorders › Arterial…

When do I use The BetterGuard?

The bandage is particularly suitable for people who are at increased risk of ankle injuries during sports activities, in everyday life or at work. The bandage can also be used…

What material is The BetterGuard made of?

The BetterGuard is made of different polyester and TPU materials. In addition, small metal parts are installed. The bandage consists of 62% polyamide and 38% elastane.

What does the bandage protect against?

The bandage is used for adaptive ankle stabilization and targeted movement limitation of the ankle during very rapid inversion and/or supination movements.

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